E Ola Pono

Clifford Naeole, Teri Freitas Gorman,  Lyons Naone, Ramsay Taum

Aloha In Hawaii” is a makana (gift) from E Ola Pono, LLC

We are Native Hawaiians who strive to share the spirit of aloha beyond our island home.

E Ola Pono: Balanced. Correct. Principled

The services offered by E Ola Pono are varied yet focused. We are eminently qualified cultural practitioners with unparalleled expertise in Hawaiian language, history, spiritual, and cultural traditions. Equally important is our practical experience in business, the arts, education, and hospitality. Native Hawaiian-owned and operated, E Ola Pono is much more than a group of professional business consultants, our name is also a philosophy, a way of life, and a forum for excellence.

Our expertise spans strategic planning, training, education, marketing, communications, and brand alignment centered in Hawaiian values.  Our company provides expert advice and access to authentic Hawaiian cultural resources for a wide range of businesses. With offices on Maui and on O‘ahu, E Ola Pono qualifies as a MBE (minority business enterprise).

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