I Belong …Therefore I AM

Copyright 2013 © Ramsay Taum
Eia Ka Manawa … The Time Is now.
Reframe, Refocus, Redefine … Reboot! 
I belong … therefore I AM.
A focus on “belonging” rather than “belongings.” 
In knowing I belong, I know who I am …
and knowing who I AM is much more than what I am, and …
who I am will always be greater than a title, position or rank.
“Being” Human rather than just a human “being” . . . striving to become.
In knowing where I belong, and to whom and to what I belong …
I can take comfort in being “centered-in-self” and
less focused on belongings and becoming “self-centered!”  
While I may find myself in an unfamiliar place, in knowing where I belong, to whom and to what … I am … not  lost. 
I Belong Therefore I AM!

Ramsay Taum

100% Part-Hawaiian